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Hair Salon

Favorite Hairbrush

For Detangling -- No 


Image by Jonathan Borba

Favorite Heat Protectant The Resistance Ciment Thermique by Kerestase

Hair Salon

The Revelon Blowdryer Brush

For Volume

and to Save on Time

Shop Trending Plant Pots for 2023

Plant pots are little beautiful homes you can transfer your growing plants into. It's like a "home upgrade" for your plants that doubles as an interior design elevation for your space. It's fun to shop through various plant pot options for just the right one, but it can also be overwhelming. So to keep things easy, check back here for all your plant pot needs! There will be frequent updates so don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! Email:

collection pink pots.png

Pretty in Pale Pink 

2nd pink swirl plant pot.png
pink swirl plant pot.png

Pink Swirls and Brass Base

modern striped ceramic pots.png

Cream and Terracotta 

About Me

Image by Scott Webb
Image by Sarah Dorweiler

Balayage Specialist.

Plant Lover. 


Skincare Enthusiast.

Pro Mental Health.


I've been doing hair for 10 years now and growing every year in my craft. It hasn't been easy, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Now that I've gotten where I am today, I aim to help clients maintain healthy hair while also getting the color they love! I want you to feel good in your skin. 

For Questions email:

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